mining for gold

Thursdays & Fridays

Through December 21st!

15 random drawings from 7 PM - 10 PM
(excluding Nov. 22 for Cosmic Pass drawing)

Winners will weigh their gold nuggets off the
$60,000 Prize Board!

Values range from $50 to $1,000 in CASH, GOLD or PRECIOUS GEMS!

Earn an entry with every ten (10) daily points earned on drawing dates.

RULES: Must be a member of the Player’s Club and be present with a valid physical photo ID within five (5) minutes of the announcement. If the prize is not claimed, we will draw until all prizes are awarded. Guest will receive one (1) drawing entry for every ten (10) points earned on the drawing date. Check-in begins two (2) hours prior to the first drawing each date. Guest must qualify and check-in at a kiosk within the timeframe. There is no limit to entries earned each date. Eligible guests may win once each drawing date. The barrel will be emptied each day after completing the 10pm drawing. Gold and precious gems are in the form of a gift certificate for the Jewelers Bench of Duluth. A 1099 form is required when a guest has won/received drawing prize(s) totaling an accumulative value of $600.00 or more, within a calendar year. All promotions are subject to change/cancellation at the discretion of management.