Battle of the Sexes

College Night

Last drawing on Thursday, December 14! Names will be drawn until there is a winner!

Slot TournEvents, $1.50 Tappers and Progressive Cash Drawings on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

Progressive Cash Drawings at 10:30 PM

One name will be drawn for at least $500 in Progressive Cash at 10:30 PM. If the winner is not present, the prize will be added to the next date's drawing.

The 10:30 PM progressive cash drawing for December 13th is for $2,000!

Slot TournEvents - 6 PM to 10 PM

Each hour, 5 Guys and 5 Gals will battle it out for Club Cash Prizes!

Each date, receive one (1) entry for every one (1) point earned.

Slot TournEvent Prizes: The team with the top accumulative score will receive $75 in Club Cash! The other side will receive $25 in Club Cash!

$1.50 Tappers - 6PM to 11 PM

Earn at least 10 daily points for this special price.

PROGRESSIVE DRAWING RULES: Must be a member of the Player's Club and qualify. Guests receive (1) entry for every (25) daily slot points earned on the drawing date. No check-in required. The guest must be present within five (5) minutes of the announcement to receive the entire prize amount. If the guest is not present, they can, within (14) days of the drawing date, receive a consolation / prize of $50 Club Cash. To claim any prize the guest must be present with valid, physical, photo ID and Player's Club Card within the set timeframe. Entries from Wednesday carry to Thursday within the week. The drawing barrel is emptied after the Thursday 10:30PM drawing each week. If the 10:30 Drawing prize isn't claimed within (5) minutes of the announcement, the amount will be added to the next drawing date throughout the year, until the final progressive drawing on December 14, when we will draw until the prize is awarded. No consolation prize will be awarded on the final drawing of the year.

SLOT TOURNEVENT RULES: Must be present, a member of the Player's Club and have a valid, physical, photo ID. Guests receive (1) entry for every (1) daily slot point earned on the drawing date. Each week, guests will need to swipe at the promotional kiosk to initiate their drawing entries and receive a free entry. No further check-in will be required. Qualified entries from that time forward will be automatically put into the drawing drum. Guests will have 5 minutes to claim their Slot Tournament seat once the announcement has been made. We will continue to draw names until all the seats (5 men and women) have been filled. Guests may participate in the "Battle of the Sexes" slot tournament once daily. Each Slot Tournament session will be 2 minutes, team format, with the men playing against the women. Team placement will be automatically assigned at the kiosk according to the designation on the guest's legal ID. Each member of the team with the top accumulative score will receive $75 in Club Cash! Members of the other team will each receive $25 Club Cash. All Club Cash must be played within (72) hours from the time it is awarded. Guest may play up to $300 in Club Cash daily. Any machine malfunction will disqualify that session; should this occur, the session will be reset and replayed immediately.

All promotions are subject to change or cancellation at management discretion.