sock drive

Monday Tappers

August 21 - 31

Bring in an unopened, original package of 3 or more pairs of socks or present your sticker-ed Country Fest ticket stub to receive $5 in Club Cash! 

Socks can be donated either at the Country/Tribute Fest or at Fond-du-Luth Casino.


RULES: Player’s Club members may bring in an unopened, original package of socks (or nylons) and receive $5 in Club Cash once daily throughout the promotion. Unopened package must contain at least 3 pairs of socks. (Packages may not be split between Player’s Club members. Example: One package with 6 pairs in it…only one person will receive club cash for that donation. It cannot be divided.) We will accept 3 individual pairs each in its own, original, unopened package. Socks will be donated to local families in need through charitable organizations. All Club Cash must be downloaded within 72 hours of being awarded.